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Recent studies show that 415 million adults worldwide suffer from diabetes and this figure is projected to increase by a further 55% by 2040. The rate of diabetes is growing due to increasing levels of obesity, poor diet and lack of physical exercise. Approximately 50% of diabetes patients will suffer from diabetic neuropathy. Of this population approximately 15%-25% will develop diabetic ulcerations that may require amputation. Utilizing current medical techniques there are no effective, long term treatment for diabetic ulcerations, it is classified as an unmet medical need requiring immediate attention. Medical Energetics USA, Inc. has developed this breakthrough innovation, called the "DHC Coil".

Medical Energetics USA, Inc.'s new patented DHC Coil is intended to alleviate the suffering of people with diabetic neuropathy and diabetic foot ulcers and actually reverse the symptoms associated with these conditions and thus be beneficial to Health Resources and Services Administration. The DHS Coil is a non-invasive device which reduces the risk of wound contamination and bacterial infection, as compared to current therapies, which require direct placement onto a wound bed. The touch screen interface and software provide a fully automated unit for the patient and clinician. A single procedure for a patient can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes (depending on the extent of diabetic neuropathy or ulcerations). This revolutionary product’s effectiveness comes at a fraction of the cost of other treatments.

Medical Energetics USA, Inc.'s DHC Coil reduces the painful symptoms and inflammation associated with diabetic neuropathy. In an animal study, our product was shown to accelerate the rate at which a diabetic ulceration closes. This is critical for the patient as it restores feeling, mobility and range of motion. The product has built-in safety protocols and is inherently safe and easy to use.