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The DHC Coil System is an electrical system having an underlying coil structure resembling the double helix of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The DHC Coil is a two channel device, and part of the companies intellectual property was in establishing a methodology for frequency selection as well as using a beat system to create a third frequency resonating in free space. This approach was shown to produce effects not seen with other methods. For example, Medical Energetics typically utilizes planarian as a biological model to predict behavior of the DHC in human stem cells. The normal rate of regeneration of planarian when severed in half is 17 days. With the ME DHC technology rates of regeneration in planarian have occurred in as little as two days.

The DHC Coil is preferably driven by audio signal frequencies of 20 - 20,000 Hz with either a sine, square or triangle waveform. In addition, the DHC Coil is fed by audio signals amplified by a two-channel power amplifier capable of providing a total input up to 400 rms (root-mean-square) Watts to the Coil. The novel design of the DHC then field cancels portions of the electromagnetic field created resulting in a low intensity electromagnetic field on the order of less than 100 milligauss. This low intensity insures safety for the patient as well as providing efficacy never before achieved (Note: FDA has cleared for market, devices that produce thousands of gauss therefore our technology is well below industry limits for common consumer electronic devices).